It’s Not A Problem

It’s Not A Problem… Till It Is!

SIGFA… The Self Insurance Guaranty Funds of America… launches a new series of articles designed to share issues and challenges that occur as we remember the primary reason that guaranty funds and workers’ compensation systems in general exist…which is to provide for and protect injured workers and the benefits that they have been awarded.  

Each article in the series is designed to educate and inform…and possibly challenge existing practices.

We welcome comments and hope that you will take the opportunity to join us at our Annual Meeting.  SIGFA membership is open to all…contact Gary Davis at [email protected] / 859-219-0194 for more info.  

Click on the titles below to access the articles. New articles will appear periodically, so check often.

“Tale of 2 Employees”

“Who Is Your Go To Expert”

Self-Insurance Guaranty Funds of America